What People Are Saying:


Sharina S.

I have been going to Porsha for about 5 years now and she is the absolute best! I do not trust anyone els with my natural hair because she truly believes in taking care of my hair and not just taking my money. I've seen where she was before her degree, where she is currently, and the vision sh has for the future. I am both proud and excited to continue my hair care journey with her!

Water Lily

Phykesha T.

I learned so much from the tutorial! I was never detangling my child's hair by combing from ends to roots before; this step alone has made wash day easier for both of us. Also, by doing a cool rinse for the conditioner, I can tell a difference in the moisture. Thank you for doing this tutorial for us! Not only am I getting through wash day quicker, I've added one more style that I feel comfortable doing on my daughter.

Lily Flower

Angie T.

Porsha is extremely talented and professional in regards to healthy natural hair. She is very knowledgeable and has a wonderful spirit. I love my lemonade braids/side action. Porsha is the best!